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Brisbane Muay Thai Classes

The classes held at our Brisbane Muay Thai gym, are structured in such a way that all levels of experience are catered to.

Muay thai Classes at The Fight Centre are broken up into different skill levels with the more experienced students training separately in the fighter classes. This allows our experienced muay thai trainers to give instructions specific to the skill level of the students in the class, meaning beginners get to start at the beginning instead of getting thrown in the deep end!

Classes cover a variety of aspects including fitness & weight-loss, striking technique, beginner basics, and fight preparation.

We are always sure to make sure our students safety comes first! We host our sparring (practicing real fighting situations) in a designated class, so if students don’t yet feel comfortable with sparring, they know that they won’t be doing any unless they come to those sessions. We realise everyone learns and progresses at different levels, and the most important thing for a student to want to continue to train and keep learning is the environment and culture of the gym/club they are attending. This is why our Logan based gym does it’s best to provide not only the most beneficial training, but also the most fun!

Start Learning Real Self Defence!

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Arguably one of the most applicable forms of striking in a real self defense situation, the art of muay thai originates in the 16th century, where Thai warriors used the ancient technique in war.

Most (if not all) of the current UFC fighters choose to cross train in muay thai as a way of sharpening their striking, as Muay Thai incorporates punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, allowing fighters to be more creative and have more options in ways to attack an opponent. Incorporating the use of these different weapons of the body is the reason why the martial art is referred to as “the art of eight limbs”.

Although many professional athletes from other sports may choose to train in muay thai, people of all shapes and sizes including kids and women can benefit greatly from the training as it promotes a healthy lifestyle, confidence, and weight loss amongst many other benefits.


Kickboxing and Muay Thai in Brisbane

The Brisbane muay thai scene began in the 80’s when Karate schools began to adapt their style to more of an american kickboxing style of fighting, and presented it as muay thai kickboxing to the public. Now that muay thai has become so popular, the art has adapted into being authentic and more similar to how it’s practiced in thailand. This is likely due to more and more local fighters and trainers travelling to thailand to learn, as many of our trainers have done.

Australia has produced some world class muay thai and kickboxing talent over the years, with fighters such as John “Wayne” Parr and Nathan Corbett from the gold coast flying our flag internationally, and going back further to Sam Greco and Stan Longinidis fighting in a very popular era of K1 (a brand of kickboxing prominent in Japan and Europe), along with some of today’s stars such as Chadd Collins finding success in thailand, and our very own Trainer Ben Johnston winning a WBC world title recently.

WBC Ben Johnston

TFC head trainer Ben Johnston


Whether an individual’s goals are weight loss, confidence, adding strength and cardio into their workouts, or simply wanting to find a new social group, The Fight Centre – Brisbane has it covered.

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Muay thai brisbane
Muay Thai incorporates punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, which is why the martial art is referred to as “the art of eight limbs”.