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Kickboxing Classes at The Fight Centre – Brisbane

The Fight Centre – Brisbane kickboxing classes for beginners and fighters teach a range of techniques to our students. A beginner student need not worry about being lost or left behind, as the classes allow for students to adapt drills to the level which suits them most. Our trainers instructions make it easy to follow techniques, and as the student practices under the instructor’s supervision, any mistakes a student is making can easily be picked up and corrected.

Kickboxing is an explosive martial art requiring lots of energy. It allows practitioners to gain a high level of fitness by participating regularly. Kickboxing has long been used as a tool to help with weight loss in commercial gym group fitness classes. The difference between our style and the style taught in most commercial gym classes, is that we place emphasis on technique while practicing. This allows our students to practice the correct movements while they burn calories and improve their level of fitness.

The Kickboxing styles taught at The Fight Centre – Brisbane were inspired by some of Australia’s greatest athletes that most Australians have never heard of.

In the last few decades, K1 promotions in Japan have provided some of the most entertaining Martial arts contests that the world has ever seen, with many Australians such as Mark Hunt, Sam Greco, John Wayne Parr and many more in the mix, the style has been brought back to Australia through their publicity.

Experience and Knowledge

With The Fight Centre – Brisbane having trainers and students competing in World championship and international K1/Kickboxing bouts, the classes bring the experience and knowledge that many other gyms cannot offer. People can expect to see more long range striking in K1 styles, making for very entertaining contests without the flow of a bout being slowed down with clinching.

With the traditional style of American Kickboxing being a mixture of mostly Boxing and Karate, the Australian style was once very similar, but as Brisbane has become more of a powerhouse in the muay thai scene, the style has slowly adapted over the years to include the more powerful muay thai kicks. At The Fight Centre – Brisbane, we are sure to include lots of footwork and boxing in our training, which allows us to have a unique style to many other gyms. Our style doesn’t rely on single round-kicks at a distance, but allows our fighters to stay on their toes and throw multiple strikes while changing angles and staying evasive without losing the power developed through the technique of muay thai.

Kickboxing in Brisbane is mostly now referred to as “Mod- Thai” or modified thai rules. This means that it is basically a muay thai fight but the rules are changed so that no elbows are allowed to be thrown, which makes the bouts very similar to traditional American Kickboxing. Although the differences between the Mod-thai and Kickboxing subtle, it is important to recognise them as it can make all the difference when trying to use the rules to your advantage during a fight.

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inspired by some of Australia’s greatest athletes