Personal Training

Personal Training

For people in Brisbane, it is not always easy to make it to a muay thai or boxing class due to the busy lives we live. The Fight Centre – Brisbane caters to those who’s schedule may differ from the regular 9am-5pm workers by offering private Muay Thai sessions and personal trainers throughout various times of the day.

One on one kickboxing lessons allow you to learn technique at a much faster rate than you would in a class format. Although classes are an excellent way to learn, it often takes a little longer to perfect basics as your time with a trainer is shared with the rest of the class. Small bad habits can form, and incorrect technique is often learned without a good training partner to keep you in check.

Our personal Muay Thai trainers are all past or present fighters, and have years of experience in the sport. We offer private lessons in boxing, muay thai, and kickboxing, and can also apply these techniques to a more “street self defence” style, depending on what the goals of our clients are.

For more information on personal training offered at The Fight Centre – Brisbane contact:

6/3485 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek.