Morning Muay Thai Classes

Morning Muay Thai Classes

Morning muay thai classes at The Fight Centre – Brisbane are now giving people of South Brisbane and Logan the option of getting their day started the right way! With many jobs and social lives requiring people to alter their schedule so that training in the afternoons is not an option, the morning classes have added an alternative time for people to progress with their training and achieve their goals!

What to expect in a morning muay thai class:

Muay thai fighters are known for their strength, endurance, and toughness, which all comes as a result of their training regime. At The Fight Centre, we recognise that individuals aim to gain different things from muay thai training, and we look to incorporate both technique and fitness into the morning classes.


With morning muay thai classes running for 45 minutes, this allows you to get a hit of endorphins from the workout, without leaving you completely exhausted from a gruelling training session. With correct technique being such an important aspect of muay thai training, there is always an emphasis on drills that not only give the student a workout, but also improve the fundamental skills of a fighter, or a civilian wanting to learn to defend themselves.

The classes are run by Australian Champion muay thai fighter, and boxer Corey Nicholson. Corey has many years of boxing and muay thai experience, and has spent an extended period of time training in thailand (the birthplace of muay thai).

Class times

Morning muay thai classes are held weekdays at 5:00am and 6:00am: check out our timetable!

Contact us for your free trial class, and experience the positive effects of a morning muay thai training session.

muay thai morning classes

muay thai morning classes