Training and Classes

one of the most diverse martial arts gyms in Brisbane

Training and Classes

The Fight Centre – Brisbane offers a variety of classes to its members. With some of the best trainers in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, The Fight Centre – Brisbane has positioned itself as not only one of the most diverse martial arts gyms in Springwood, but in all of Brisbane.

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Brisbane Muay Thai Classes The classes held at our Brisbane Muay Thai gym, are structured in such a way that all levels of experience are catered to. Muay thai Classes at The Fight Centre are broken up into different skill



Kickboxing Classes at The Fight Centre – Brisbane The Fight Centre – Brisbane kickboxing classes for beginners and fighters teach a range of techniques to our students. A beginner student need not worry about being lost or left behind, as

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Boxing Classes at The Fight Centre It’s easy to overlook the history of boxing in Brisbane. Ever since the days of the historical boxing events held at Brisbane’s (now closed) Festival Hall, Boxing in Brisbane and Logan has been a

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Strength &

Strength and conditioning is an integral part of an athletes training, and is used by everyday people who aim to better their lifestyle. The fully equipped weights and cardio area at The Fight Centre – Brisbane allows members to make

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The Fight Centre – Brisbane runs kids kickboxing and muay thai classes with a strong emphasis on discipline and mutual respect between the trainers and students. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT OUR KIDS BOXING CLASSES! With the gaining popularity of

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Women’s Kickboxing Classes

Women’s kickboxing classes at The Fight Centre – Brisbane are designed to give our ladies a good workout whilst also teaching the skills that may one day help them in a self defence situation. Classes are located in the privacy of


Personal Training

For people in Brisbane, it is not always easy to make it to a muay thai or boxing class due to the busy lives we live. The Fight Centre – Brisbane caters to those who’s schedule may differ from the

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Morning Muay Thai Classes

Morning muay thai classes at The Fight Centre – Brisbane are now giving people of South Brisbane and Logan the option of getting their day started the right way! With many jobs and social lives requiring people to alter their


Muay Thai For Beginners

The TFC Logan Muay Thai and Boxing Academy teaches beginners classes for all ages. Kids Classes to Adult Beginners. It doesn’t matter what age or fitness level you are. What You Learn: Learn the basics of Kickboxing and Muay thai –