Kids Muay Thai

Looking for kids muay thai classes in Brisbane? Kids kickboxing classes for boys and girls are run at The Fight Centre - Brisbane every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00pm by world champion and head trainer Ben Johnston. Classes incorporate the use of muay thai and kickboxing techniques applied not only to the sport itself, but also to self defence situations. We instill the what we believe are good morals and values in to our students. We are very much anti-bullying and we are quick to pull up our students on any behavior which resembles it. Our classes are intended to be fun for everyone, including us, and we do that by keeping it light hearted but ensuring that our kids know where the line between "fun" and "silly" is. It is important to us and many of the parents that they learn discipline in our classes, and we believe we have found the right balance where they can learn discipline and still look forward to coming.