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No matter the sport, the true greats have one simple thing in common…

Catch Kick – Return Kick: Muay Thai Breakdown

Increase you weekly training load by no more than 10% each week!

You’ve already read about the benefits of Muay Thai. If you haven’t, then take a look at the five health benefits of Muay Thai. To recap, it’s a combat sport from Thailand that is still played professionally but can now …

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“I’ve never felt better than the few months I was training everyday.”

Muay Thai And Kickboxing Should Never Be Considered The Same

you’ll start to notice significant changes in your weight

4 Things Beginners Should Look For in A Gym

October 27th saw world #1 ranked fighter Ben Johnston take on World #2 ranked fighter Dan Edwards for the vacant WBC light heavyweight world title in Brisbane, Australia.