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What is a martial artist?

Martial artist

The word martial arts has been getting used to define a complete new category of sport in recent years, due to the popularisation of MMA (mixed martial arts) by the UFC. Now that this new type of fighter who competes

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Training Muay Thai in Winter


There is no doubt about it, we Brisbane residents get spoiled most of the year with good weather. So spoiled that when winter comes, we somehow lose the motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch under the

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Brisbane and Logan boxing history: the best athletes most haven’t heard of

logan boxing

Some of the talent to come through Brisbane and Logan boxing has received international recognition

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Muay Thai Grading System


many clubs use an arm-band (prajioud) or a singlet grading system to rank their students

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How Kids Can Benefit From Muay Thai


Every parent’s worst nightmare is their child being bullied at school

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Post fight recovery


Most fighters do themselves no favours by celebrating with alcohol

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Why you could use a Muay Thai Personal Trainer


Getting private muay thai training can really help improve your training dramatically

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Heavy Bag Training

morning muay thai classes brisbane

Sometimes you can’t train muay thai with a partner so it’s up to you to do your own striking and conditioning

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Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson talks fighting, training routines, stealing blankets and more (Audio interview)


With almost 60 fights to his name, there are very few people in the sport who are as experienced as he is

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If your goal is to fight muay thai – Part 2: Goal setting and establishing a routine


In the beginning it is important to set very achievable goals, so we feel like we have gotten a few easy wins early on.

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