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Michael ‘Tomahawk’ Thompson

Micheal Tomohawk Thompson

Michael ‘Tomahawk’ Thompson has become a dominant force in the muay thai community in recent years. His explosive style has proven to be tough for his opponents to deal with, and he is partly responsible for re-popularising the spinning-back-elbow in

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From Iron Fist to The Fight Centre. Brisbane’s most fierce Muay Thai club.

Andy's Fight Muay Thai Brisbane

Once it was announced The Ironfist Gym would be closing down, There were more than a few students feeling lost in limbo. Many were wondering which way their fighting careers would head, but also where all their friends would end

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Fighter’s Profile: Masato Fujimori


Masato Fujimori has been involved in Muay Thai for 15 years and has been involved with the training and guidance of many champions. After being the trainer and coach for years at Iron Fist Muay Thai, he was the perfect

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Fighter’s Profile: Ben “The Blade” Johnston

Ben "The Blade" Johnston

Ben “The Blade” Johnson first set foot into the legendary Iron Fist gym back in 2008. Since then, Ben is now a highly respected and experienced fighter and is also proving to be a talented trainer.

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Fighter’s Profile: Daniel “Iron Fist” Bell

Daniel Bell - Muay Thai Brisbane

Daniel “Iron Fist” Bell has always been known in Brisbane’s Muay Thai community as a fearless young man, with a razor sharp warrior’s nature and all of the skill and technique to match. Before his life as a gym owner,

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