one of the most reputable Muay Thai gyms in Brisbane


Conveniently located within 200m of the M1 near IKEA; The Fight Centre – Brisbane is already one of the most reputable Muay Thai gyms in Brisbane.

TFC Founders: Ben and James

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“In 2008 as strangers we both attended Ironfist Muay Thai with a mutual friend. we were planning on just going for a look, but once we arrived we were offered to jump in for a free session to see how we liked it. After some back and forth hesitation, we found ourselves in the class.

That first night we didn’t have any equipment, and with Muay Thai being so popular at the time due to the Muay Thai contender series on Foxtel, there wasn’t enough shin pads for everyone in the busy class. We ended up being partnered with each other. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, we participated by doing kick drills without shin pads, which left bruises on our legs for the next few days. Regardless, we were hooked immediately.

Even though we were initially apprehensive about going to a “fight gym”, the atmosphere was undeniably welcoming and we formed relationships with others in the gym quickly. Many of the friends we made are still some of our best friends today.

We both ended up competing in several amateur bouts over the years, and formed a close connection with each other, and the numerous other fighters and regular students at the gym. Eventually, the day came when the gym closed its doors in 2014. (Ironfist has since re-opoened its doors as of 2019)

This devastating news left many questions; What gym will we attend? Will the sense of community be the same there under a new instructor that doesn’t share our history and comradery? Will we continue to train with the same passion if we are all at separate gyms?

We didn’t want to lose the close relationship that we had with the other members. Knowing what we had was something special and finding a new gym that supported our set of moral values would be near impossible, we decided we would open a new gym, under a new name, and at a new location. It was important to us that we still carry the same ethics and morals that we value so greatly.

We had experienced a transformation through boxing and muay thai. We went from never knowing true confidence, to being capable young men who were both comfortable in their own skin and knew where they stood in the world.

We knew that we could provide this same confidence to others coming in to our place, as the gym had done for so many people like us.

We had no signage, no website or facebook page, and relied heavily on word of mouth initially to bring in members. With both of us being tradesmen working on job sites, we paid gym bills with our wages from our day job to keep the gym doors open in the initial years of running. But the dream was well and truly alive with many students showing remarkable changes in life, and the sense of community was strong, which was always our number one priority.

After 3 years of operation, word had gotten around, and we eventually out-grew our facility. At the end of 2017, we closed the doors in Springwood, and opened a newer, bigger, upgraded facility in Slacks Creek.

The values have never changed, and the people that are joining every day continue to turn into some of our closest friends. People of all shapes, sizes and colours. Not just fighters, but also mothers, school teachers, parents and children. The fact that we have been able to provide this amazing group of people with the same transformation that we went through is something we never take for granted.”

Muay thai brisbane

Our process for helping our members achieve their goals has been broken down to 3 crucial steps:


T - Team 
We want you to feel a part of the team and enjoy your training, as showing up is the only thing you need to do and we take care of the rest!
F - Finding Success 
Once you start to see results it gives you positive momentum to carry on, and continue to succeed.
C - Creating permanent change
Establish good lifestyle and training habits, and carry your results with you everywhere you go! See the benefits in every part of your life. Create a newer and better version of yourself where you feel pride in yourself and confident/comfortable in any situation.


We are aware that not everyone is trying to become a World Champion, but the process is exactly the same!

If you want to lose weight instead of learning to fight, it is still just as important for us that you enjoy the training. If you have to force yourself to come along, then we aren’t doing our job right! The same applies if you just want to know the feeling of true confidence by having the skills to defend yourself without actually stepping into the ring to compete.

If you don’t enjoy the training, you are far more likely to find an excuse not to come. If you don’t show up, you will never get results that will be life changing.

Most of the members of The Fight Centre – Brisbane choose never to compete in Muay Thai or Kickboxing, and this decision is fully supported by the staff and coaches.

There will never be any pressure for a student to have a fight as an Amateur or Professional. Martial Arts is a fantastic way of achieving goals in weight-loss and fitness, as the challenge of throwing multiple punches and kicks in a Muay Thai training session, all while having fun, has to be experienced to be believed.

The Fight Centre aims to be more than just a gym, but a place for all of its members to walk into and instantly feel at home. If you are thinking about trying out a class, enter your details below and one of our friendly staff will get back to you ASAP!

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Muay thai brisbane
The Fight Centre aims to be more than just a gym, but a place for all of it’s members to walk into and instantly feel at home.
that vibe
We pride ourselves on bringing that vibe to the training where people feel welcome and don’t feel like they are being ignored because they don’t have world champion potential or aspirations. We create an atmosphere where the students are friendly and the trainers aren’t intimidating.
a gym for everyone
As well as martial arts classes and facilities we also have women’s classes kids classes.
experienced trainers
Our trainers have real world experience and applications in martial arts and use their knowledge in each of their specialised fields.
educated training
Our focus is not just about being fit and healthy, but also about educating our members of the history and correct techniques of martial arts.


James Jarvie

James, or “Jarvie” as most of our students know him, is the co-owner and one of our skilled trainers at TFC. Jarvie takes pride in bringing a positive and fun energy to his classes, while keeping them productive.

Jarvie had to stop fighting due to injury, but still holds a wealth of knowledge that he shares with the students at TFC. He has been mastering his craft of Muay Thai since 2008 and over the last several years he has developed a strong passion for boxing under the guidance of our boxing coach Brendan Henwood.

With over 5 years experience as a trainer he has learnt to adapt his classes to make them suitable for someone who has never stepped foot into a gym, all the way up to someone ready to take their training at The Fight Centre to the next level and climb into the ring for the first time.

Ben Johnston

Ben’s knowledge for the science of all martial-arts is ever expanding as he continues to fight and grow as a Martial Artist.

Ben has competed in Boxing, MMA and Brazilian JiuJitsu tournaments, winning him self a Gold Medal in the QLD Jiujitsu championships as a blue-belt, and a Gold medal at the south-east Queensland boxing titles as a heavyweight.

In 2017 Ben was awarded the #1 world ranking by the WBC as a light heavyweight. This lead the an opportunity to fight for the World Title in Brisbane against Great Britain’s Dan Edwards, where Ben successfully won the World title over the #2 ranked fighter in late 2018.

As a fighter, Ben has an impressive resume where he has attained a Queensland Title, 4 x Australian Titles, a South-Pacific title, 2 x International titles, and 2 world Titles in the light-heavyweight division. As a co-owner of The Fight Centre, the success of his students is very important to him, whether it be in the ring, confidence, weight-loss or a combination of all.