one of the most reputable Muay Thai gyms in Brisbane


Conveniently located within 200m of the M1, The Fight Centre – Brisbane is one of the newest but already one of the most reputable Muay Thai gyms in Brisbane.

The Brisbane Muay Thai scene would never be the same after the legendary “Ironfist” gym on the south side of Brisbane closed, but when one door closes another one opens, and thus The Fight Centre – Brisbane was formed. At first, the sole intention of TFC (The Fight Centre) was to give the Muay Thai fighters from Ironfist a new place to train. It soon became much bigger than that, with many students of old and new getting in contact with the owners, looking to train the same style of Muay Thai that had been learned at Ironfist and been brought to the new facility.

The Fight Centre is home to many of Brisbane’s best Muay Thai fighters, including Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson, Jimmy “J-slice” Irwin, Ben “The Blade” Johnston, Andy “the Assassin” Smith, Matty “C4″ Seden and many more. The list is constantly growing as beginners turn into fighters, and fighters turn into champions.

With kids classes and women only classes as a part of the schedule, the facility really has made itself available to people of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. Most of the members of The Fight Centre – Brisbane choose never to compete in Muay Thai or Kick boxing, and this decision is fully supported by the staff and coaches. There will never be any pressure for a student to have a fight as an Amateur or Professional. Martial Arts is a fantastic way of achieving goals in weight-loss and fitness, as the physical demands of throwing multiple punches and kicks in a Muay Thai training session has to be experienced to be believed. Along with that, students will find that their self-discipline is honed as well as dexterity and a state of mental sharpness.

The Fight Centre aims to be more than just a gym, but a place for all of it’s members to walk into and instantly feel at home.

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The Fight Centre aims to be more than just a gym, but a place for all of it’s members to walk into and instantly feel at home.
that vibe
We pride ourselves on bringing that vibe to the training where people feel welcome and don't feel like they are being ignored because they don't have world champion potential or aspirations. We create an atmosphere where the students are friendly and the trainers aren't intimidating.
a gym for everyone
As well as martial arts classes and facilities we also have women’s classes kids classes.
experienced trainers
Our trainers have real world experience and applications in martial arts and use their knowledge in each of their specialised fields.
educated training
Our focus is not just about being fit and healthy, but also about educating our members of the history and correct techniques of martial arts.


Masato Fujimori

Masato Fujimori has been involved in muay thai for 15 years, and in that time has been involved with the teaching of many champions. After being the fighters trainer for years at Ironfist muay thai, he was the obvious candidate to fill the same position at The Fight Centre – Brisbane.

Masato had been a fighter at Ironfist before deciding to concentrate more on the teaching of others as a part of his own martial arts journey. His last fight was in 2009, but since then he has proven to be successful in the coaching of others. His skills as a pad holder had made him the only pad holder for some of the Ironfist champions, such as Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson, and Ben Johnston.

His knowledge has come from training under Daniel Bell, and also living and training in Thailand, at the world famous Por Pramuk gym, along side muay thai and K1 superstar, Buakaw. This period of training in Thailand gave Masato the knowledge of the authentic thai style, and methods that have been practiced long before kickboxing had become popular in western society. With the traditional style being very different from the western style, the transition back into the Australian muay thai scene is not always successful. Masato's style has incorporated the techniques used to generate powerful kicks which he learned in Thailand, with the hard punching and longer combinations which Ironfist founder Daniel Bell is so fond of, making Masato's hybrid style very adaptable.

His skill as a trainer has been proven time and time again, with the long list of Ironfist champions having Masato to thank for a very large part of their training, and also the short but successful beginning for The Fight Centre, is largely due to the structure that Masato provides.

Ben Johnston

Ben's knowledge for the science of all martial-arts is ever expanding as he continues to fight and grow as a Martial Artist.

Ben has competed in Boxing, MMA and Brazilian JiuJitsu tournaments, winning him self a Gold Medal in the QLD Jiujitsu championships as a blue-belt, and a Gold medal at the south-east Queensland boxing titles as a heavyweight.

In 2017 Ben was awarded the #1 world ranking by the WBC as a light heavyweight. This lead the an opportunity to fight for the World Title in Brisbane against Great Britain's Dan Edwards, where Ben successfully won the World title over the #2 ranked fighter in late 2018.

As a fighter, Ben has an impressive resume where he has attained a Queensland Title, 4 x Australian Titles, a South-Pacific title, 2 x International titles, and 2 world Titles in the light-heavyweight division. As a co-owner of The Fight Centre, the success of his students is very important to him, whether it be in the ring, confidence, weight-loss or a combination of all.